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tv   ABC 7 News at 1100  ABC  June 7, 2011 11:30pm-12:05am EDT

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blocked again -- and knocked out of bounds. still dallas ball with seven to shoot. >> jeff: i like nowitzki, instead of shooting the pullup where he's struggled tonight, continuing to attack all the way to the basket. that's a lot of contact. good block. but i like it. get to the free-throw line. >> mark: he's got to get that initial call. that's a lot of contact. >> mike: nowitzki splits the defenders. lost the ball. haslem has played him so well. under four to play. miller. miller fires away. way short. and nowitzki the rebound. 3:30 to play. bosh right up on nowitzki.
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stripped. terry for three -- too strong. chandler tips it back out to kid. nowitzki for three -- that won't go. and it goes out of bounds. miami ball. >> jeff: those are good looks. i still like to see chandler and terry in more pick and roms. >> mike: nowitzki looks absolutely exhausted right now. as doris burke reported earlier, has a fever of about 102. he won't use that as an excuse, but he looks exhausted. >> mark: you have to recognize the moment and get more aggressive offensively. >> mike: wade, pucks up -- stevenson the rebound. both teams now missing some shots as we get under three minutes remaining in a two-point game. terry. to nowitzki. back to terry. a two-pointer -- in and out. miller, the rebound. >> jeff: they're getting great shots. good execution. just not making.
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>> mike: wade on the attack. fields inside to bosh who lost it. and wade gets it back. up top to james. james fakes. drives. pull up jumper -- won't go. miller, the offensive rebound. wade again. throws it down the corner. miller on the drive -- shot, misses, and nowitzki, the rebound. and a whistle and a foul! dwyane wade called for the foul. with 2:16 remaining. and the mavericks leading by two. they are in the penalty. >> mark: i tell you what, this is playoff basketball. the intensity on both ends. this is what you wait all season for. >> mike: this is championship effort. they are missing some shots but everybody going at it right from the start tonight but especially here down the stretch. >> jeff: this is the value of getting into the penalty early in quarters. so, that when there are loose
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ball fouls, you're shooting like nowitzki is on these rebounding fouls and they're going back to mario chalmers. >> mike: all the practice that he does at the free-throw line, day after day, year after year, comes to fruition here. nowitzki, such a spectacular free throw shooter. one of the best ever. two clutch ones there. a 17-4 run. nowitzki doing it again here in the fourth quarter. james out to chalmers. shot clock at five. bosh. nowitzki on him. couple of fakes. and whacked from behind, stevenson went for the block and fouled him. >> mark: and he recognized that's a bad play by him. not a smart foul. force chris bosh to make this shot.
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outstanding defense. live with the contest. stevenson well aware. this is not a smart play. certainly a foul. the crowd doesn't like it, but he climbed the back of chris bosh and bosh going to the line for two. >> jeff: how does the crowd not like that call? >> mike: meanwhile, bosh. that free throw, the first miami point in 5:30. zone defense, again, another adjustment from rick carlisle. he's made some great ones here in game four. >> mark: i expect the dallas mavericks on the other end to go to that screen and roll with terry handling the basketball. >> mike: bosh, two clutch free throws there. he did it in the chicago series. two-point game. 1:45 remaining. kidd holding. chalmers trying to knock it away.
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terry looking. out to kidd. stevenson puts up the three -- ball tried to tip by chandler -- chandler puts it back up. the shot clock expired. appeared like it hit the rim. james comes up the other way. >> mark: it was the right play. hit the rim and the ball was live. >> jeff: he could have taken the ball back out. >> mike: haslem. that won't go. wade tried to tip it. chandler, the rebound. bosh nearly takes it away. dallas clinging to a two-point lead, as we come up on a minute remaining. nowitzki, to terry, for three -- another great look -- chandler the offensive rebound. >> jeff: great effort by tyson chandler. >> mike: 16 rebounds for chandler. who is going to knock down the big shot? so many good opportunities. shot clock at seven. kidd. stevenson, for three -- another miss.
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rebound, fought for -- chalmers coming up with it. ahead to wade -- wade blocked from behind, but a foul. with 30 seconds remaining, wade will shoot two to try to tie the game. >> jeff: you have to get back. not only does wade go to the line to tie it, but now they get a two for one situation. i just don't understand not balancing the floor and taking away those runouts. >> mike: you see wade from the line, 5 of 7. >> jeff: that's a heck of a pass. incredible catch and stop. but if you're dallas, you got to know where wade is. >> mike: so, 6.1 difference, shot clock and game clock. as jeff said, a two for one. so, wade will go to the line. dallas down by nine. two minutes gone by here in the
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fourth, making another superb comeback. but can they finish it off? can they close it out and even the series? gets it to go. these fans are rocking here at the american airlines center. >> mark: d-wade getting behind the line of defense. opportunity to knock down another free throw to tie this ball game. and rick carlisle says he wants a time-out. in and out! no wit sk nowitzki, the rebound. and carlisle gets his time-out, with 29.3 remaining. miami does not have to foul. dallas by one. mavericks ball when we come back. ♪ ♪ ♪
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making tires for all-star handling inspires what they roll into yours. 29.3 seconds remaining. fourth quarter, game four of the nba finals. game three was not decided until the final shot taken. same scenario for game two. perhaps a third straight game. and right now, dirk nowitzki and the mavericks, hanging onto that one-point lead. >> jeff: i'm going to say this. this inbound pass with wade, james and chalmers -- you cannot take for granted and let them shoot the passing lane for the steal. >> mike: dallas still has a time-out remaining. miami with two time-outs. neither team a foul to give. terry, chandler, stevenson, kidd and knnowitzki. >> mark: if i'm dallas, i'm getting the ball in the hands of dirk. allow the clock to dwindle down. don't put too much time on this clock and give the heat a chance to come back. >> mike: here it is in the hands
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of nowitzki. >> jeff: he has to be patient. >> mike: haslem right up on him. drives underneath. he puts it in! nowitzki makes it a three-point game. time-out, miami. >> jeff: sometimes even when you're wrong, you're right. >> mike: a strong move to the basket for nowitzki. >> jeff: he drives it right. that's where they want him to be. wade almost gets there. but that's a great move by nowitzki. a great finish. but too much time left on the clock for miami.
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>> mike: to nowitzki. puts up the three -- puts it in! dallas goes up by three! chalmers knocks down the three. and ties the game. nowitzki. drives, underneath lefty layup, banks it in. dallas has tied the finals. bosh, the open jumper. puts it in. nowitzki spins. head fake, falling away. shot won't go. and miami holds on and takes game three. and this play from dirk nowitzki with dallas clinging to the lead. drives and gets it off the glass. nowitzki, ten points in the fourth quarter. a 19-7 run by the mavericks. and 14.4 seconds remaining.
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miller in with james, wade, chalmers back in and bosh. to the mavericks foul and not give up the three-point attempt? >> jeff: no, there's too much time right now to do that. but as miami's downsized, they have so many three-point shooters. they can't also forget about chris bosh. he's got the ability to step out and make the three. >> mark: and to me, i would foul. i make it a free throw shooting contest. >> mike: good ball denial. kidd on wade. chandler gets up on him. wade on the drive. attacks the goal and throws it down. nine seconds remaining. and rick carlisle will call his final time-out. be able to advance the ball, but they are out of time-outs. >> mike: smart play by the heat. plenty of time, so, you get the sure deuce and now you try to foul to try to come up with a steal first. >> jeff: well, that's the thing, right? you have to try to get the steal.
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>> mark: good job by wade. you don't want to end the game by taking a three-point over tyson chandler. plenty of time. put your head down, make a play and now, quick time-out, you're able to try to come up with a steal. foul immediately and then another another opportunity for the last possession. >> jeff: inbounding the ball without time-outs is very difficult. >> mike: lot of pressure. no question. and against such a good athletic team, they are excellent at ball denial. >> jeff: officials allow for a lot more contact late. now, stojakovic is coming in. >> mike: stojakovic enters the game. he has not played yet. obviously he's a very good free throw shooter but he's cold. hasn't even had a sweat. >> mark: he still should be in the game. and the best guy possible to take the ball out of bounds, jason kidd. >> jeff: now they're bringing people in the back court. three defenders against two
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offensive players. this is a hard completion right here. >> mark: i like the idea of double-teaming dirk nowitzki. >> mike: terry comes to the ball. goes in the back court. terry running away from james and he fouls him with 6.7 remaining. good hustle play from terry. he's allowed to go in the back court on that. and now he'll goat to the free-throw line. terry, an excellent free throw shooter. 2 for 4 tonight. >> jeff: and jason kidd just looked at mark jackson, breathing a sigh of relief on that inbounds pass, because if terry would have caught that ball where it was thrown, his momentum would have brought him into the back court for a back court violation. he let the ball bounce and didn't catch it. >> mike: 82% career free throw shooter. clutch, right there. two-point game. this would make it a three-point game.
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miami still has a time-out left. jason terry, two clutch free throws. and dallas with a three-point lead with 6.7 remaining. miami will now be able to advance the ball in the front court. all right, jeff, now 6.7. jeff, mark, do you foul, not let them get a three-point attempt? >> mark: there's no question i'm fouling. too many things have to go right if i foul for me to lose. >> jeff: i agree with you, if the catch is with their back to the basket. but there's so many good players now who, as they see you fouling, if you're faced up to the basket, get into that shooting motion. this is what you go over in special situations from day one of training camp for just these moments. and these are not as easy a decision as people think. because there's so many variables that go into it. where are you catching, how you catch it?
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>> mike: third straight game in these finals going down to the final shot, the final buzzer. mike miller will inbound. >> jeff: and mike, if they score on a -- they have to take a two, dallas has got to realize, they have to get the ball out of bounds and inbounds successfully. >> mike: both teams out of time-outs. chandler, the seven footer, gifts up on miller on the inbounds pass. >> mike: to me, i wouldn't even be playing inside the three-point line. stretch your defense. allow them to have anything easy. no time-outs. >> mike: miller looking. finds wade. wade lost the ball. throws in the back court. gets it to miller. miller puts it up -- air ball! and that's it! the mavericks have even the series! what a game and what a series.
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another incredible comeback by the dallas mavericks in these 2011 playoffs. and the nba finals deadlocked at two games apiece. >> mark: last possession designed pretty much for lebron in the corner and wade coming off the screen. couldn't catch the basketball. does a great job of saving it back to mike miller. mike miller gets a heave at the buzzer, shoots an air ball. >> mike: tyson chandler, part of the great dallas defense in the fourth quarter. he's with doris burke. >> doris: tyson, how difficult was this game for dirk nowitzki to play through? >> man, it was tough. he was battling 100-something fever right now. the thedoctors couldn't keep it under control. the effort he gave tonight was
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unbelievable. >> doris: you guys had to support him. what was the mind set of you and jason terry and everybody in support of dirk tonight? >> we all seen him go through walk-through and he was barely able to talk. every time he tried to speak, he was coughing. we knew we really had to step up and get it for him tonight. >> doris: you guys talked about avoiding the double-digit deficits. how were you able to avoid those big runs? >> we just play with haerpt aea passion. you have to go all out to win. >> doris: congratulations, tyson. mike? >> mike: all right, doris. tyson chandler, terrific defensive performance. it is a different dallas mavericks team than we've seen in recent years. so gritty, to tough. and never give up. another comeback adding to what they've done already. and dirk nowitzki, 10 of his 21 in the final period. he's the winner of tonight's finals player of the game vote, presented by t-mobile. be sure to tune into game five
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thursday to vote again. third straight game in these finals. not decided until the final shot was taken. and coming up on thursday night, game five, right back here at the american airlines center, as the heat and the mavericks are tied at two games apiece. we're going at least six games in these 2011 nba finals. the final score, the mavericks, 86, the heat, 83. heat with only 14 points in the fourth quarter. for coach mark jackson, jeff van gundy, doris burke, producer tim corrigan, director jimmy moore and our entire abc crew, this is mb mike breen saying so long from dallas. stay tuned for your late local news, "nightline" and "jimmy kimmel live" on the east coast. thanks for watching abc, home of the nba finals. >> the challenge came.
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dallas answered. miami's roaring flame of confidence flickers but still burns. the deadlock will be broken. game five, thursday.
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fire inssive apartment carrollton. out about a:30. this is a video from news copter 30. people were taken off to the hospital for injuries. displacedf people are at this hour. this fast-moving blaze much of this a very large inrtment complex behind me carrollton. compelling image is 120 residents who have been displaced. they are waiting for word on go for thewill night. fire street to the apartments tuesday night.
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some residents literally jumped from balcony's. >> it started on top of where i live at. she saw smoke billowing into sky and rushed home to her mother. blazes of smoke or going. i had to look for my mother. she said fire was coming through the roof. prince george's fire officials say it erupted in a level unit in this styletory garden apartment. the fire quickly spread. he snapped a this extraordinary of claims over destruction. i saw a big ball of fire. i heard a lady screaming. see what wase to going on. the whole back side of the was engulfed in flames. i ran out the door and looked down. nothing the blaze. this displaced residents is his six year-old
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commotion ond a urged her father to investigate. the escapes just in time. i was really terrified. was hoping nobody got hurt. fire officials do not believe caught in it. they did a search of the building and everybody appears to be ok. they did make a dramatic latter including the rescue of a her infant. were a number of injuries. the fire remains under investigation. >> thank you, jake. we have more breaking news. another fire in rhode island. here is video. been rushedter has the hospital for injuries. neighbors have been evacuated from the scene. the building reportedly vacant. fire is still raging out of control.
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natureo tonight, mother a crank up the heat. people did what ever they could cool today. he advisories have been posted for tomorrow. two people have killed from the -- two people have died from the heat. >> hello. athit 90 today officially airport. we will seek temperatures 8 to degrees higher. he index 100 degrees or higher tomorrow and thursday. chance of rain and scattered showers and thunderstorms around the area. look at the highs. 103 in minneapolis. the core of the hot air heading tomorrow. have to heate from noon until 8:00 p.m. tomorrow. theill look ahead to
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detail coming up in a few minutes. much.nk you very it isn check out how hot your area any time at we have the current temperatures on our web page. >> disturbing new information a 12ht on the murder of year-old girl. jessica nguyen was stabbed. we are hearing from the family how they are still dealing with their terrible loss. we have more of montgomery police headquarters. remains a this case mystery. jessica nguyen guide. know somebody stabbed her. the cause of death comes days after the discovery of her body the basement of the family town hall. we spoke with a family friend. >> i am sorry.
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we do not know anything. but her family prepares to move out. after the discovery of body. they combed the home and a nearby property for clues. on the basement they found the child's body. say the cause of death stabbing, they still will the murder about or any suspects. i do not know why. in this suburban development of town homes filled with children, word that somebody step a 12 year old shocked some the child's neighbors. it is very sad to hear that child or anybody living here. investigators are actively working this case. they are likely awaiting forensic results and the lab tests which provide more answers. at 11:00 tonight, family
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friends gather to honor a football recruiter slain at the d.c. high school. he was shot and killed outside mckinley tech. he was a recruiter for the dc falcon s and a mentor for hundreds of youths. the prime suspect in the universitymerican in mexicowas hiding a yogaking as instructor. montgomery county investigators with police in texas jorge ruedan landeros. police say that when terrorists after complying test here. the countryfled with a dna test here. he is accused of misusing money forf city personal purposes. prosecutors met in private to keep his should
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the economicof development committee. filed a civil action suit. thomas maintains his innocence. there are more calls tonight for congressmen forwiener's resignation. house is the focus of a at 6 investigation. pundits say that recovering from will be difficult. but if the facts keep coming out more, he talked on the vote or something that, it is going to be iffy. made an emotional apology private -- and publicly his wife yesterday. 11:00, there are of local disappointed
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offense tonight. is afterward that tiger of the u.s.lled out open. the tournament begins on the 16th. tighter says that lingering leg willth his left keep them off of the course. critics are slamming tiger's fidelity for screwing up his game. fans say it will not be the same without him. tiger is a big drop. it is going to be fun to watch. "i love to watch tiger wherever he is planning. that good idea injured, he should let injuries healed before he can beck out there so he competitive again. practice runs for the u.s. begins june 13 at the country club. thisll have much more on coming up in sports. also still to come on abc 7 changes being made charlie sheen's police escort scandal. see how two officers are paying the price. also a driving lesson goes
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back in baltimore. the driver should behind thebeen wheel. eight years to the day, one nearly lost her life. 
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eight years and no justice. woman who nearly lost her life about thepeaking out crime. somebody the dropped a large boulder from an overpass in the county. couple driving home from their by theon was struck falling run. to this day, nobody has been arrested. >> it was unbelievable to me. >> on june 7, 2003, they left honeymoon in disney world home in rochester, new york. ien driving on


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